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A variety of devices including laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, IPads, visulisers and data projectors feature in our day-to-day classroom activities. E-learning is an important tool and part of our learning. It is integrated across the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning. Whitney Street children learn to use technology to support their learning throughout their time at school.  We have an informative website www.whitneystreet.school.nz (in fact, you're looking at it right now) and our Facebook page will keep you up to date with what is happening on a day to day basis. Many classes use Seesaw as a way to share what is happing at school with home and show off their learning. 

GAFE School (Google Apps For Education)

Our older students have individual Google logins and are using this to form connections as good Digital Citizens. Having individual logins allows our students to create, share and edit files in real time. They have the ability to create Blogs, collaborate send e-mails and access their digital world via any device - both at home and at school. They are able to personalise their learning and use Apps that will help them with their understanding like Google Voice and Google Talk. We are working towards having individual Google logins for our students from Year 3 upwards. 

Own Devices

Students are welcome to bring their own devices from home. An agreement will need to be signed. Equity issues are addressed by devices being provided by the school. If you would like your child to bring their own device, please click below. 

Student Device Agreement and Procedure


This is a New Zealand online learning resource for Maths. Mathletics helps  students enjoy Maths and achieve great results. We fund students from Year 2-6 to access this website. Your child has 24 hour access to Mathletics. By using their personal username and password your child can access the Mathletics website at www.mathletics.co.nz. Our top Mathlete for the week is celebrated and presented with the Mathlete Trophy at school assembly.

Cell Phones

If children bring cell-phones to school they should be handed into the office before school and picked up at the end of the day. SMART Phones can be used by students, with teacher supervision.