The Board at Whitney Street School

Standing left to right:  Marcello Pinheiro, Donna Stewart (Staff Representative), Tracy van der Velden, Felicity Spencer, Leah Fairgrieve, Kate McEntee (Presiding Member), Cheryl Wadworth (Principal).

The Board provides direction for the school in its governance role and parent consultation is a major part of this process. The Board publishes a newsletter from time to time and items in the weekly school newsletter to keep the school community informed of happenings around the school.

The Board meets twice a term in the Awatere Room; usually starting at 7.00 pm and parents are always welcome to attend. Dates for the meetings are mentioned in the school’s fortnightly newsletter and are on the School Community Calendar.  Copies of The Board meeting minutes are available in the office foyer and on the website, below.

Board Meeting Summaries                       Board Minutes                     

Each month, one member of The Board will update the school community with a brief summary of these meetings. (Please see the link above.)