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English Literacy

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Our Beliefs

We believe that literate children are skilled and strategic speakers, listeners, writers and readers who see relevance in literacy. We want all children at Whitney Street School to have the ability to apply literacy to future learning and everyday life.

Literacy at Whitney Street School consists of;

The two interconnected strands, each encompassing;

  • Listening, Reading and Viewing (Making meaning of ideas or information they receive).
  • Speaking, Writing and Presenting (Creating meaning for themselves and others).  

Students develop knowledge, skills and understanding related to; 

  • Text purposes and audiences
  • Ideas within language context that can be communicated verbally & visually
  • Language features that enhance texts
  • Structures and organisation of  texts (NZC pg18)

Quality teaching and learning through;

  • Learning  the code  
  • Making meaning
  • Thinking critically
  • Having fun

Children discovering the way

  • Actively engage in and enjoy all aspects of literacy
  • Develop the processes, skills and strategies that effective communicators use
  • Become independent literacy learners and be able to articulate their learning and next steps
  • Discuss and think critically about what they are reading and writing                             

Teachers leading the way

  • Model effective reading, writing, listening and speaking regularly
  • Speaking and listening  will be valued as part of all learning
  • Explicitly teach the processes and strategies that effective readers, writers, listeners & speakers use
  • Explicitly teach deeper and surface features of texts
  • Make explicit links across all learning areas encouraging students to use effective communication skills & strategies as appropriate
  • Classroom organisation in English will be purposeful; and responsive to children’s learning