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Health and Physical Education

Our Beliefs

We believe that through Health and Physical Education, young people develop the knowledge, values, and competencies to live full and active lives within their communities.

Health & PE at Whitney Street School consists of;

Four underlying and independent concepts:

  • Hauora
  • Attitudes and Values
  • Socio-ecological perspective
  • Health Promotion

    Whitney Street School’s Health and PE Curriculum follows the strands and key learning areas that are specified by the New Zealand Curriculum (Pg 22).

Quality teaching and learning through;

  • learning and developing physical education skills and knowledge
  • in class health units
  • events and celebrations
  • playing games and having fun
  • The Whitney Way and other values
  • outside agencies (eg Swimsation, Fundamental Skills, Life Education Trust etc)

Children Discovering The Way

Students will develop knowledge/ understanding/ skills/ attitudes to:

  • maintain their personal well-being and physical development
  • develop motor skills, movements and positive attitudes towards physical activity
  • enhance their interaction and relationships with others
  • contribute to healthy communities and environments by taking responsible and critical action

Teachers Leading The Way

Teachers will:

  • provide opportunities and experiences in a range of  environments to promote personal well-being and physical development
  • create enjoyable learning experiences in Health and PE
  • model positive attitudes towards physical activity
  • create safe and supportive learning environments
  • actively contributing towards events and celebrations in our school community
  • encourage children and whanau to participate and contribute in sports, cultural and extra-curricula activities in our school community