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Our beliefs

We believe that through Te Reo and Tikanga Māori, young people will develop an understanding of the key principles of the Treaty of Waitangi; participation, partnership and protection and will use these skills to become active members within their communities. 

Te Reo Māori at Whitney Street School consists of;

five underlying and interdependent concepts:

  • Ahurea / Cultural: To empower students by providing opportunities to understand our unique cultural heritage
  • Pāpori / Social: To build the desired skills necessary for effective communication and relationship building across all cultures
  • Ngā Whaiaro / Language: To participate and contribute effectively as citizens of a bicultural society
  • Whaiwhakaaro / Cognitive: To grow as learners, set goals, understand their own capabilities, and challenge themselves as learners
  • Te Reo me ōna Tikanga / Language: To improve skills, attitudes and understanding of Te Reo and Tikanga Maori and their use

Children Discovering The Way

Students will develop knowledge/ understanding/ skills/ attitudes to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori in a variety of situations
  • Develop an understanding of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori
  • Learn about the impact of culture on people's beliefs, values and ways of thinking
  • Show respect for other cultures by understanding and respecting the bicultural uniqueness of New Zealand

Teachers Leading The Way

Teachers will:

  • Model positive attitudes, understanding and implementation of Te Reo & Tikanga Māori throughout their classroom programmes
  • Create safe and supportive learning environments
  • Create enjoyable learning experiences in Te Reo & Tikanga Māori
  • Provide learning experiences that will support students in achieving Level 1 of the New Zealand Curriculum whilst at Whitney Street School and / or working towards Level 2
  • Provide opportunities for whānau and community participation and engagement in the learning of Te Reo & Tikanga Māori
  • Actively contribute towards Māori events and celebrations in our school community