whitney street school blenheim 2016

Teaching & Learning

Children Discovering the Way

  • Children are interacting in  a language rich environment where learning is purposeful, enjoyable and engaging

  • Children are empowered as they develop the attributes of a Whitney Learner. They learn through being self-manging thinkers who are connected. They are self -motivated, set goals, reflect, evaluate and articulate their learning. They are learners who are confident to take risks and overcome challenges (Mahi Tahi)

  • Through The Whitney Way: The Way We Learn, our children will know that they are valued and need to value others

  • Children will be confident digital citizens

Teachers Leading the Way

  • Teachers as learners who are enthusiastic, passionate and professional who make a positive difference (Ako)

  • Assessment for learning ensures teachers know their learners, their next learning steps and what is needed for them to make progress

  • Teaching and learning is purposeful and relevant to our culturally diverse children and their futures, promoting excellence and equity

  • Teachers will be responsive and reflective, taking opportunities for Inquiry Learning in class and for personal teaching inquiries 

  • Teachers will weave all curriculum into their day to day and weekly teaching programmes

  • Planning and teaching will show differentiation based on assessments, individual needs, learning styles, and best practice – well equipped with knowledge and support

  • Teachers establish high expectations and clear routines to provide engaging and safe learning environments

  • Teachers will be confident when using e-Learning as a part of their everyday lives

  • Teachers will provide a safe and nurturing environment (Manaakitanga)


  • Whitney Street School recognises the need for, and actively promotes, partnerships between teachers, parents, children, whānau, school and community to support and enhance children’s learning (Whanaugnatanga)

  • Shared expectations and shared knowledge about the learner and their learning will enhance partnerships