Meet our staff

At Whitney Street School, we are organised into three learning hubs. Each hub then has teams of two or three classes that work closely together. We are lucky enough to have an experienced and dedicated staff to help provide quality teaching and learning in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Management Team

Christee Dalzell

Deputy Principal, SENCO
Piritahi ASL

Lisa Lissaman

Deputy Principal, Junior Hub Leader

Adam Alexander

Senior Hub Leader, Piritahi Within School Lead

Sharee Williams

Middle Hub Leader, Reading Recovery Teacher

Ōpaoa Learning Hub (Junior)

Lisa Lissaman

Ōpaoa Hub Leader New Entrants Year 1 Kākano - Room 7

Stef Ellis

New Entrants / Year 1

Kākano - Room 5/6

Donna Stewart

Year 1/2 Koru - Room 16

Janet Hardley

Year 1/2 Tipu Tonu Room 17

Josie Dickson

Year 2/3 Piritahi WSL Tipu Tonu - Room 18

Taylor Learning Hub (Middle)

Emma Bowe

Year 3/4

Atahwai - Room 9

Helen MacFarlane

Year 3/4

Atahwai - Room 10

Viv Familton

Year 3/4

Weka - Room 12 (am)

Sharee Williams

Taylor Hub Leader
Weka Room 12 (pm)

Wairau Learning Hub (Senior)

Megan Shearer

Year 5/6

Tuākana - Room 1

Adam Alexander

Wairau Hub Leader - Piritahi WSL Tuākana - Room 2

Jade Lee

Year 5/6

Marohi - Room 3

Andy Facer

Year 5/6

Marohi - Room 4

Liz Wheeler

Year 5/6

Kumanu - Room 8

Part-Time and Support Teachers

Sue Biggs

Release Teacher and Reliever

Ingrid Hillgrove

Resource Teacher of Literacy

Carla Taylor

Ors Teacher

Support Staff

Adele Large

Office Administrator (8:15am-3:30pm)

Michelle Phibbs

Office Administrator / Teacher Aide

Debbie Henson

Library Resource Manager / Teacher Aide

Clive Gapper


Bev Kingston

Community Support Readers & Volunteer

Whaea Connie

Kapahaka Specialist Teacher / Teacher Aide

Kid’s Edible Garden (KEGS)

Kid’s Edible Garden (KEGS)

Jules Mackenzie

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Julie Gardiner

Teacher Aide

Tracy Noble

Teacher Aide

Rina Pinker

Teacher Aide

Kelly Hocquard

Teacher Aide

Kirsten WIlliams

Teacher Aide

Ashleigh Murphy

Teacher Aide

Carla Sinclair

Teacher Aide & ESOL Support