Our Vision

Our vision is ‘The Whitney Way – The Way We Learn’.
‘The Whitney Way’ are our school values of honesty, care and respect. ‘The Way We Learn’ is ‘by being self-managing thinkers who are collaborative and connected.’ 
It is who we are as a school and learning community. It is what makes Whitney Street School a unique, safe and enjoyable place to learn and grow into amazing human beings who aim to make a positive difference to the world. 

All of our students try and follow the Whitney Way – The Way We Learn. They try to make the right choices in their learning, relationships with others and in their attitudes towards challenges and the environment. A really important part of following the Whitney Way is making mistakes. We try hard to learn from these and make better choices the next time we are faced with a similar situation.

Below, is The Way We Learn. As a school community, we explored the qualities and skills that we want our children to possess so that they can thrive in their ever-changing and exciting future.

Here is what some of our younger students say about The Whitney Way – The Way We Learn.

“I watch the news because I care about what is going on. I especially care about the animals.”
“I respect my friends by giving them space when they need it.”
“I follow the Whitney Way  – The Way We Learn because I try my hardest to respect my learning by trying things even when they are hard.”
“The Whitney Way – The Way We Learn is when you help your friends to learn and do the right thing.”
“I tell the truth even when I have done something wrong.”
“I follow the Whitney Way – The Way We Learn when I wear my uniform. It shows I care. It means I am a part of the TEAM. If everyone wears their uniform, it’s fair.”