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What is Choice Tumeke?

Choice Tumeke is unique to Whitney Street School. If you were to visit on alternate Friday afternoons (usually odd weeks), here is what you might encounter;

  • Mana Tamariki (Student Leaders) taking small groups to teach new skills, share their learning, showing responsibility, living and modelling the Whitney Way - Honesty, Care and Respect.

  • Whānau from our community, getting involved and donating their time to teach new skills and provide new experiences for our students.

  • Our students taking charge and making their own choices surrounding what they learn and how they learn it.

  • Students of all ages, working together, celebrating learning and another successful week at Whitney Street School.

How does it work?

Throughout the week leading up to Choice, students choose an activity that they would like to do. These activities are organised and managed by other students, teachers, whānau and sometimes, members of the wider Blenheim Community. After lunch every second Friday, students head off to different parts of the school to enjoy their Choice Tumeke. For the next 45 minutes, there is the buzz of engaged, energised and self-managing children in the air above the school. The first ‘whole school’ Choice Tumeke happens after the swimming season ends in Term 1.

How does it link into the Curriculum?

Choice Tumeke is what the curriculum is all about! It provides a real-life context in which to implement the Key Competencies and our vision: The Whitney Way - The Way We Learn. Depending on the Choice Tumeke option, here are some of the skills covered;

Thinking creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, risk-taking, communication
Language, Symbols & Texts imagination, digital citizenship, communication, questioning

Managing Self

time management, risk-taking and a ‘can-do’ attitude, independence, leading

Relating to Others

sharing and negotiating, co-operation, offering opinions and ideas, meeting new people

Participating and Contributing  community involvement, forming connections, making a positive difference, rights, roles and responsibilities
Depending on the actual Choice Tumeke activity, the different learning areas are covered in various ways. For example, the Google Earth Scavenger Hunt option could explore and create discussion around the creation of the pyramids in Egypt (Social Sciences), the scale and size of them (Mathematics) and how they physically created them without the machines we use to help us today (Science). Sometimes, (depending on who is running the Choice Tumeke and what the actual Choice Tumeke is) there is more emphasis on certain Learning Areas or Key Competencies. 

What sort of Choices are there on offer?

Well, the list is never ending. We try to change the Choice Tumeke options regularly so that there is always something new and exciting to experience. Here are a few of the Choices that have popped up over the years; knitting, paper planes, remote control parties, wheels, creating jewellery, cupcake decorating, face painting, green thumb ninjas, woodwork, softball, cycling, visiting Maxwell Care Rest Home, Slime, playing backgammon, hockey, dress-ups and drama, table tennis, gymnastics, Google Earth scavenger hunts, photography. The List goes on!

This sounds like fun, how can I get involved?

If you have something in mind that you think the kids would love, please pop in and see Tanya and she will point you in the right direction. Choice Tumeke has a great ‘feel’ about it - so feel free to pop in and check it out so you can see our students in action, learning and leading together. You will be hooked!


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