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Whitney Warriors

Working on behalf of Planet Earth

butterflyAt Whitney Street School, we are working hard to take care of our planet. Around our school, in our homes and the local community we are fighting to be a catalyst of change so that our future is healthy and sustainable. We aren’t saying that we’re perfect – but we are trying to make our footprint as small as possible. Have a look and see what we are doing and learning about now – to help us make the right choices for the future of Earth.

Click on the links coming off this tab in the menu above. We are always changing and evolving so remember to check back regularly to see what we are up to. Remember, our Facebook page is full of the awesome stuff we do on a daily basis so make sure you follow us on there too.

Protecting our Earth today for our children's tomorrow

Edible Gardens

Nude Food

Orchard Care Code

Worm Farm